Our Commitment

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision… To build and provide a community where residents achieve all they can be and experience holistic care in a Christian manner and environment.

Mission: To provide services in a friendly, quality focused, caring community.

four laughing elderly people

Our Values…






Efficient Use of Resources

Strength in PEOPLE

Make It Real

Many of us have seen our Values printed and framed, hanging in a prominent location in our residences. We may even have a copy in a notebook somewhere. This booklet is designed to help us improve our understanding of our Values and to help us apply them to our work and to our lives.

Our Mission and Vision statements express our ideals—they represent where we want to go as a community. Our Values act as our compass- they guide us as we seek to achieve our vision and mission. By combining the first letter of each selected Value, we have spelled the word “people”. People are our focus. All those giving or receiving care are “people” Caring for people is our goal.

Actions Speak Louder

It’s easy to talk about our Values. We all agree it’s important to base our decisions and actions on them. But what does that really mean? What will our organization look like when we are actually living our Values each day? How do we translate our Values into actions that truly help our residents, their families, our co-workers, our community, ourselves? How do we give meaning to our Values and keep them alive?

As you read this booklet we hope you will feel challenged to see how you can apply the values here at Mill Creek Care Centre.

Participation…being present and being there

Participation is a win-win. It’s about asking, “How may I help you?” Through participation we involve team members, residents, volunteers, families and supporters. We acknowledge that within a community, relationships are important and caring involvement is crucial.

By fully participating, we are engaged in what is happening each day and make a contribution wherever we can. We cooperate as a team to ensure that the residents feel safe, secure and valued.

Excellence…providing the best possible care

Excellence means pulling together as an organization—and making it happen. Excellence is within each one of us.

Excellence means setting high goals and achieving them,

By continually learning and putting our knowledge into practice, we achieve our excellence as an organization. When we encourage people to take courses and attend workshops, we enable them to stay up to date and learn and share new skills.

By challenging ourselves to be excellent as an organization, we also inspire residents within our care, to reach for their personal best. Excellence is realized by addressing the many spiritual and religious, psychosocial, and physical needs and concerns of the resident—and involving them and/or their advocates in establishing comprehensive, meaningful care plans.

Openness…makes us feel safe

Our residents have lived a life time of experiences; they retain their own values, hopes and wishes. Openness helps us to respond to them as people who remain actively involved in living their lives.

Openness is actively listening to residents and their families so we can understand and respond to their needs. It means being open to our co-workers. This nourishes our relationships. Openness means speaking up and admitting our mistakes. In every situation, our openness helps us feel safe.

Openness also means being open to ourselves. Openness helps us to understand our limitations and encourages us to make improvements where needed.

Performance…offering the best care

Performance is about how we approach and perform our assigned duties. Excellent performance means going above and beyond the call of duty, going the extra mile. Performance means being accountable for our actions and holding others accountable for theirs.

Performance means that everyone in the organization (management, team members and volunteers) is valued. While each has a different role to play all are needed to provide care and programs.

Longevity…Staying committed

Longevity means we’re here today—and we’ll still be here tomorrow. It implies staying up to date with events in the world and our community and making plans accordingly. Longevity is about taking our commitment to residents, team members and their families very seriously. This helps us make the tough decisions that keep us sustainable. Longevity is planning for the future by making sound decisions today.

Longevity means being a champion of change and a leader in our community. By using our knowledge of the changing needs of seniors, we may lead the quest for appropriate changes in regulations and advocate for continued improvements in Long Term Care.

Longevity is about fostering good relationships with our partners and the Ministry of Health to ensure that our services provide the optimal level of well-being for residents.

Longevity is about fostering good relationships with Tollendale Village- its team and residents, and seeking to cooperate where we can.

Efficient Use of Resources…achieving the most

The efficient use of resources demands that we do the most with what we have. Everyone in our organization has a crucial role to play. We must understand that our resources are limited and use them wisely. The efficient use of resources implies a willingness to try new ways that may be more efficient.

The efficient use of resources requires that all team leaders do what they say—words are followed by actions.

Efficient use of resources means we work together to complete tasks efficiently and effectively.